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When they said Death in the Family i lost it.

Wonder woman origin change

I think my biggest problems with them adapting the new 52 (besides the stupid origin fix) into the movies is them also bringing all the problamatic issues about the amazons. I would hate if the first wonder woman movie used those new 52 storylines. Which i have a strong feeling they will with her new origin.

Wonder Woman’s Demigod Origin Confirmed for Batman V Superman


Confirmed by Producer Charles Roven, he stated in an interview that,” Wonder Woman’s in it. We know that. She has powers. She’s a goddess. She’s a demigod. Her father was Zeus.”

Ughhhh are you friggen kidding me? These movies keep finding ways to make me upset. Every time shes in new media or is rebooted people feel the need to fix wonder woman. Im already beyond done.



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y’all realized she was just killed, not fridged right. Oh and that she has ties to the League of Assassins so you KNOW her body is gonna disappear and she’ll show up again because that’s literally what happens when you know the League of assassins. Remember how Malcolm Merlin died? Oh wait he’s really alive and training Thea.

No one stays dead in DC Comics, not even Batman’s parents thanks to Flash Point.

I can smell the fumes of the Lazarus Pit already.

Batman getting thrown under the bus by every single member of the Justice League

Variant Play Arts by Tetsuya Nomura

Final Fantasy Designer Tetsuya Nomura’s Take on Catwoman and Batman.

Batman V Superman Might Give Us A Female Robin, Here’s The Evidence

Several months ago, actress Jena Malone was seen on the Dawn of Justice set, sparking speculation that she was involved with the production. The most common thought was that she is playing Carrie Kelley, the Robin from The Dark Knight Returns. She later said that she was just visiting, which makes sense considering that she worked with director Zack Snyder on 2011’s Sucker Punch. However, speculation’s running as she recently posted a picture of herself with her hair dyed red, a color similar to Kelley’s. 

While Dawn of Justice Bruce Wayne won’t be quite as old as his Dark Knight Returns incarnation, he’s still been Gotham City’s protector for quite awhile by the time Superman shows up. With more than a decade of crime-fighting under his belt, he’s bound to have gone through a few sidekicks, like he’s done in the comics.

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